Thursday, October 27, 2016

We are looking for a few more classroom parents!

Hi Crocker Farm Families,
We are looking for a few more volunteers to be classroom parents--please see the chart below. There can be multiple class parents for each class.

What does a classroom parent do?  The classroom Parent coordinates with the class teacher regarding volunteer and supply needs. The class parent communicates with class families regarding class, grade, school and PGO sponsored activities and fundraisers. Most of this can be done electronically--no meetings just yourself and your comupter or smartphone (coffee is optional). Please email if you are interested.

GradeClass TeacherTeacher EmailClass Parent (s)
KMcCloskey, KaraChelsea Holabird
KNewcomb, Judi
1Bartolini, Anna
1Donoghue, MaryWendy Bergoffen
1Pratt, LeighSamantha Burns Haivan Hoang
2Carson, CarolMarla Jumate
2Lefebvre, JeffGinny Hamilton
2Mattone, LaurenClio Sterns
3Joyce, StephanieTracy Zafian
3Perkins, KathleenAmanda Robertson
3Robinson, Jasmine
4Moriarty, Lisa
Wendy Bergoffen
4Woods, Catherine
5Bodkin, Sandra
5Donovan, Mary Dougherty, Leslie
5Goodwin-Brown, AliceMalou Hafner, Paulina Alenkina (end of 2016) Alex Cain (2017)
6Borrell, Alvie Hughes, Judah
6Harvey, Denise Millay, Molly
6Prather, Christopher