Class Parents

Class parents work with teachers to determine how best to help.  Class parents might volunteer a few hours per year organizing a class party, helping the teacher with an ongoing project, and/or assisting the teacher in other ways.  Class parents also serve as a liaison between the PGO and the families in each class, sharing periodic PGO updates and requests with these families. 

Many teachers welcome help not only from class parents, but from other parents as well.  Feel free to get in touch with your child's teacher about the best way you can help and participate.

A big thank-you to all our class parents.

Class Parents 2016-2017 school year
Mrs. McCloskey: Chelsea Holabird
Ms. Newcomb
1st Grade:
Ms. Bartolini: 
Ms. Donoghue: Wendy Bergoffen   
Ms. Pratt: Samantha Burns Haivan Hoang

2nd Grade:
Ms. Carson: Marla Jamate          
Ms. Mattone: Clio Sterns
Mr. Lefebvre: Ginny Hamilton                                                 

3rd Grade:
Ms. Joyce: Tracy Zafian
Ms. Perkins: Amanda RobertsonMs. Robinson:       

4th Grade:
Ms. Woods: 
Ms. Moriarty: 
Wendy Bergoffen 

5th Grade:
Ms. Donovan/Ms. Dougherty:           
Ms. Goodwin-Brown: Malou Hafner       

6th Grade:
Judah Hughes/Alvie Borrell
Ms. Denise & Ms. Millay
Mr. Prather: Rosemary Rath, Jessica Payne