Blog Guidelines

This is a publication of the Crocker Farm PGO and is completely parent-run. Any volunteers wishing to help with the blog postings or with providing translation for non-English speaking families are welcome.

The blog's content comes from parents, community members and organizations, Crocker Farm, and the school district's central office. This blog is a free informational service provided by the PGO.  Information published here is not necessarily supported, endorsed, or reflecting the opinion of the Crocker Farm PGO or the school district.  This blog is not an official publication of the Amherst School District, Crocker Farm, or the Town of Amherst.

To make a submission, please send your request to All content is published solely at the discretion of the PGO, and not all submissions will be published. We focus primarily on posting school-related information, but also will post listings for classes, lessons, activities for children, as well as for community events and other information that may be of interest to our families. Community listings may take up to 7-10 days to be posted, so please submit your information with that time frame in mind. Please send your information as text and/or jpg (not just pdf). 

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