Special Education Parents Advisory Council Meeting

 By Birdie Champ

All are welcome to attend a Special Education PAC meeting to be held this coming weekend.
WHEN:  Saturday, March 16th, 2013, 8:30 a.m.
WHERE: Raos Coffee, 17 Kellogg Ave, Amherst MA.
WHO: Open to the general public.
WHAT: The agenda is as follows:
  1. Updates needed to the SEPAC brochure – to be made after May elections
  2. Review of Bylaws – suggested changes/edits to be made at April meeting
    • Process for communication with the District – contact and protocol
    • Meeting attendance requirements for Board membership
    • Responsibilities and approvals process for minutes, web postings, newsletter articles and SC statements
  3. Meeting Dates times for April and May
  4. Agenda Items for 3/18 meeting with Faye Brady, Director of Student Service
  5. Status of the newsletter this year (no Fall newsletter agreed upon)

     For more information, please visit the SEPAC blog (http://arpssepac.wordpress.com/) or main SEPAC web site (http://arps-sepac.info/)