Thursday, August 29, 2013

Update on Amherst College Youth Swimming Lessons

This is not a school-sponsored event
Greetings from the pool at Amherst College!
Classes are filling quickly so we've created a table below that indicates what is full, has limited space, or is wide open as of the time this email is sent.
If you have submitted your registration and we have NOT contacted you, you are registered for the day and time you requested.
"Limited" means that there are very few spots available so if you intend to sign up for one of these times, please indicate a second choice on your registration and we will contact you with what we can make work.
Please do not email requests to "reserve" spots - we can only register children when we have the paperwork and payment.
We hope school is off to a great start and we are looking forward to getting your children swimming soon!
Nick and Karin
Nick Nichols
Amherst College Swimming

Levels 1-2 Levels 3-6 Diving
W 2:45 Available Available Available
W 3:35 Available Limited Available
W 4:25 FULL Limited Available
S 9:00 Limited Limited Available
S 9:50 Available Limited Available
S 10:40 Available Available Available

The swimming lesson information sheet and registration form as well as the waiver which we have been asked to use by the College is available here: (
You can also find the forms (soon) online at