Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Few Classes Still Need Class Parents

Many thanks to those of you who have volunteered to be class parents for this school year.   The PGO is still seeking class parents for a few classes, as listed below.   Parents, guardians, grandparents are welcome to sign up.  Each class parent works with their child's teacher to determine how best to help.

Class parents are still needed for:
Kindergarten:  MS. NEWCOMB
Second Grade:  MS.  MATTONE
Third Grade:  MR. HUGHES
Third Grade:  MS. ROBINSON
Fourth Grade: MS. MORIARTY
Fifth Grade:  MS.  GOODWIN-BROWN

If you are interested in serving as a class parent for one of the above classes, please email the PGO at, or leave us a note in the PGO mailbox in the Crocker Farm office.

If you are interested in volunteering at Crocker Farm but not being a class parent, there are lots of other ways you can help out;  many of the school's great events and activities would not be possible without volunteers.  To signup to help:
-- You can send in the volunteer form that went out to all families at the beginning of the school year if you have not already done so,
-- You can get another copy of the volunteer form HERE or in the Crocker Farm office, or
-- You can fill out the PGO's online version of the volunteer form HERE.