Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Read-a-Thon Followup

Message from the Crocker Farm librarian, Susan McQuaid, about the Summer Read-a-Thon

I hope you've all had a relaxing summer with plenty of time to read for children and adults alike!  Hopefully, the Read-a-thon provided even more encouragement for your children to immerse themselves in lots of great books during July and August.  Summer's not over yet, though, so there's still time for them to add more books to their Read-a-thon book logs.
As you begin collecting the pledges from your children's Read-a-Thon sponsors, you might want to remind them that all proceeds go for new library books at Crocker Farm. Each year, records have been broken as more children participate, more books are read, and more money is raised for the library.  Our book circulation numbers in the library certainly reflect the students' anticipation and excitement over the lovely new books that arrive all year as a result of the Read-a-thon. We hope to again break last year's record, as the Read-a-thon has become the main source of revenue for books in our library.
Here are some quick reminders as to how to collect and return the Read-a-thon pledge money:
1) Please return the cash and checks (made payable to "Crocker Farm Library" in the white envelope that was included in your Read-a-thon folder.  If you've lost the envelope, any envelope will do.  Please seal it and write your child's name on it and "Crocker Farm Summer Read-a-thon".
2)  If you still have the book log on which you recorded your child's summer reading selections, we'd love it if you could also return that with the pledge money in the envelope.  It's fun for us to keep track of how many total books were read over the summer.  If you don't have the log anymore, that's OK, too. You don't have to return it to participate.
3) If you were unable to locate a sponsor for your child, just return the book log and I will locate a sponsor for you.
4) You can return the sealed envelope to the CF front office, to your child's classroom teacher, or directly to the library. 
5)  It would be great to receive the vast majority of the pledges by the end of September, but we are happy to accept the pledges at any time!
6)  Later in the fall, we will hold a celebratory assembly  for the students who participated in the Read-a-thon. 
Again, on behalf of our entire staff and student body, thank you so much for your generous support of our Crocker Farm library.  Enjoy the remaining days of summer!
Susan McQuaid, Crocker Farm librarian