Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dean's Beans Available in the Office

Dean's Beans Coffee Orders: Fundraiser for the PGO 

 Dean’s Beans, a Western Mass-based producer of delicious, organic, fair-trade coffee donates a portion of the sales of its special Crocker Java coffee products to the PGO.  

You can support the PGO, & save money over retail pricing, by buying Dean's Beans from the PGO.  
Regular coffee, Decaf coffee, cocoa, & chocolate java drops are available.  You can purchase Dean's Beans products in the office, & order forms are available in the office or online (here) for larger or special orders including whole bean coffee.  Orders are placed at the beginning of the month.

Regular Coffee:  $10 per pound
Decaf Coffee:    $11 per pound
Dark Chocolate Java Drops: $10.50 per pound
Cocoa:  $7.50 per 12 oz. package