Saturday, October 4, 2014

Introducing the Amherst Reg Public Schools PGO

Earlier this year, the Crocker Farm PGO joined with the PGOs from Wildwood, and the Amherst Regional Middle School and High School to form a joint non-profit 501(c)3 organization: the Amherst Regional Public Schools PGO.  This means that we (our joint organization & by extension each of these PGO) are now a non-profit organization that can accept tax-deductible donations, apply for and receive grants, and much more!  We have a joint bank account and will be doing projects together, and on our own as well.

Our first joint project will be to participate in Valley Gives 2014.   Valley Gives is a one-day on-line fundraiser to help many non-profits in the Pioneer Valley to raise money for their organizations.  Valley Gives will be held this year on December 10, 2014.  During Valley Gives, our schools will individually be fundraising for ourselves and also sharing donations from families and others who donate to the general ARPS PGO:

The Crocker Farm PGO is looking for a few volunteers to help us with the Crocker Farm part of Valley Gives.
1) To help publicize the event with Crocker Farm families, including by sending out emails & promoting Valley Gives
for the Crocker Farm PGO & ARPS-PGO in the few weeks before the event & on the day of the event, & helping to thank donors afterwards. 
2) To help the Crocker Farm PGO create some promotional materials, such as a short video or slideshow about our school, to encourage donations.   

If you are interested in helping, please contact the Crocker Farm PGO at 

and if you give on Valley Gives Day, please consider supporting us.   The organizers of Valley Gives (the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts)  provide incentives and bonuses for organizations to get as many individual donations as possible, no matter what size the donation.   Every donation counts and helps our school.

All donations received by the Crocker Farm PGO through Valley Gives or otherwise will be used to support our students, teachers, staff, and the school community.