Friday, June 27, 2014

Crocker Chronicles & Teacher Assignments for Next Year

The final Crocker Chronicles of the school year was emailed out yesterday. If you didn't see it, it can be accessed at the link below.

Among the updates it included are the classroom teacher assignments for next year:
Kindergarten: Kara McCloskey, Judi Newcomb
Grade 1: Mary Donoghue, Anna Bartaloni, Jeff Lefebvre
Grade 2: Carol Carson, Lauren Mattone
Grade 3: Judah Hughes, Stephanie Joyce, Jasmine Robinson
Grade 4: Cat Coley, Lisa Moriarty, Susan Radtke
Grade 5: Mary Donovan, Alice Goodwin-Brown
Grade 6: Denise Harvey, Christopher Prather, TBD

Link to the Chronicles: