Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Teacher & Staff Awards & Recognition

Tonight, the ARPS School District celebrates and honors its faculty & staff in a ceremony at the Amherst Regional Middle School.  Here are the honorees from Crocker Farm.    Congratulations to them, & everyone else who is being recognized for their service in the school district. 

Clerical/Media Award:
Angela Mills

Janet Ryan
Lucia Spiro
Greta Wilcox
Sue Dunbar
Cynthia Waring

15 Years of Service:
Judith Newcomb

20 Years of Service:
Sharri Conklin
Stephanie Joyce
Seiha Krouch
Wendy Yaffe

25 Years of Service:
Kathleen Kellogg
Elizabeth Devlin
Ingrid Estrany-Frau
Alice Goodwin-Brown
Linda Prothers