Sunday, August 9, 2015

Final Thanks for 2014-2015

As the new school year approaches, the Crocker Farm PGO just wanted to give one final statement of thanks to everyone who volunteered and helped with PGO activities or events in any way big or small last year, and to all those who made financial contributions to help fund the PGO and our activities to support the school community, our teachers and staff, and Crocker Farm students.  Thank you again!  

The PGO would also like specifically to recognize the volunteers who played a big role in the following activities & events, & helped make them successful.  Thank you. 
PGO Board members helped with many of these as well. :)

Welcome Back Breakfast for Staff: Rebecca Woodland 
Monthly PGO Coffees with the Principal & Special Guests: Lucy McMurrer & Maria Kopicki
Fall Harvest Fest:  Heather Lord
School Family Directory: Becky Demling
Chess Club:  Dave Higham, David Schmidt
Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast:  Eva Fairchild
Used Book Swap:  Cammie McGovern, Marla Jamate
End of School Year Staff Appreciation Luncheon:  Susan Bernier
Crocker Press:  Jeni Kaplan
PGO Blog:  Jennifer Page
Crocker Farm Garden:  Sylvia Keochakian
Crocker Farm Garden Bench Restoration: Greg Keochakian
Crocker Farm Yearbook: Rie Traub, Becky Demling
Crocker Farm Graduation Slideshow:  Ilana Beigel, Ian Camera, Rebecca Woodland

Grant Applications for Arts Performance Field Trips: A. Rima Dael, Isolda Ortega-Bustamante
Barnes and Noble Crocker Farm Bookfair: Justyne Ogdahl, Leticia Davies, Agnes Zsigmondi, & Becca Greene-Van Horn
Ski & Skate Fundraiser: Justyne Ogdahl
Valley Gives Fundraiser:  Becky Demling, Tim Demling
Hillside Pizza Fundraiser:  Justyne Ogdahl, Stephanie Osman
Annual Appeal/Lend-A-Hand:  Erica Boerman
Box Tops Fundraiser: Marcia Turner
Dean’s Beans Fundraiser:  Jessica Lamson
Atkins Shopping Card Fundraiser: Amanda Lawall
6th Grade Graduation Fundraising:  Becky Demling

2014-2015 Class Parents: 
Wendy Bergoffen, Michelle Chandler, Becky Demling, Vira Douangmany Cage, Eva Fairchild, Tina Furcolo, Micaela Giles, Melissa Giraud, Ginny Hamilton, Phoebe Hazzard, Aneeka Henderson, Hallie Hughes, Asha Kinney, Mary Klaes, Maria Kopicki, Kate Lambert, Amanda Lawall, Qingmiao Li, Heather Lord, Aline Lyra, Stacey MacPhetres, Ada Matos , Melissa Matos-Auerbach, Dana Olivo, Isolda Ortega-Bustamante, Allegra Osborne, Jennifer Restucci, Katie Rubinstein, Rebecca Woodland