Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Amherst School Committee Meeting, Dec 22nd, agenda & materials

The Amherst School Committee has a full agenda for their last meeting of 2015.  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 22nd, 6 pm, at the Amherst Regional High School Library.  

The agenda includes continued discussions on the elementary school building study, a vote on whether to conduct a staff survey about the elementary building options, updates on the FY2017 budget, & discussions regarding new restraint regulations, field trips, and the district's new wellness policy.  

The Wellness Policy (Policy ADF) reflects the district's commitment to promoting wellness for its students in a variety of areas, including related to physical activity & nutrition.  For physical activity, the policy states that in K-6th grades, "recess shall be offered at least once a day, with preference for additional activity for all."  In terms of food and nutrition, the policy gives preference to fresh foods, freshly cooked foods, and locally produced foods for snacks and meals provided by the district.  The policy also states that staff "shall refrain from using food as a reward or punishment and shall whenever, possible recognize celebrations such as birthdays using alternatives to food. Ideas for celebrations will be developed and shared to assist classroom teachers and families."  

The full agenda packet, including supporting materials for the meeting, is available at this link.