Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Update on the Elementary School Building Study - Meeting this Thurs, Public Forum next Tues

The Wildwood/Elementary School Building Committee (SBC) meets this Thursday, Dec 3rd, 4 pm, at the ARMS Library.

At the meeting the SBC will be voting on approving the Prelimnary Design Program (PDP) for submission to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) on Monday, for the MSBA's review. 

A copy of the draft PDP can be downloaded here:

The PDP focuses on 3 elementary school alternatives:
1) a new K-6 school to replace the existing Wildwood School (the new school would be for up to 360 students)
2) a new K-6 school which would have two K-6 "schools with a school" to replace the Fort River & Wildwood Schools (670 students)
3) a new grades 2-6 school to serve the whole town (750 students) & replace Wildwood & Fort River.  Crocker Farm would become a K-1 school & continue to house the district's preschool. 

The PDP includes the Educational Program, Initial Space Summary, Evaluation of Existing Conditions, Site Development Requirements, Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives, Local Actions.  It essentially lays out the goals of the project & the options for meeting those goals, & includes a detailed investigation of the current issues & possible solutions.  The MSBA will review & approve it, & might make additional suggestions. 

You can learn more about the school building study at the project web site: