Monday, May 2, 2016

PGO letter to families April 2016

The letter can also be viewed here. 

April 29, 2016
Dear Crocker Farm Families,

We hope that you all had a great April vacation week and enjoyed the lovely weather. 

Right before the April break, the Crocker Farm PGO held one of our favorite events of the year: our used book swap. Over two days, we gave away more than 1,500 books, and each preschool through sixth grade student was able to bring home at least three books to keep. The remaining books went to classes, the school’s afterschool program and more.  We couldn’t have done the swap without the volunteers who sorted and set up the books before the swap and who staffed the swap for each class visit. We are grateful too for all the wonderful book donations, both used books and new. Thank you all! 

Upcoming PGO events:

·         Tues, May 3rd. This is the fourth annual Valley Gives Day, a day of philanthropy to support non-profit organizations in Western Mass. Since 2012, Valley Gives has engaged over 24,000 donors and raised $5.8 million for over 550 area non-profits.  Please consider giving to Crocker Farm PGO on Valley Gives Day. ( Valley Gives Day includes special bonus prizes, including Power Hours and Golden Ticket prizes which will randomly add $500 or $1,000 to a given donation. There will also be $50 prizes added to donations made by new Valley Gives donors (a person who did not participate in Valley Gives in 2012, 2013, or 2014; new donors determined by email address). 500 such new donor prizes will be awarded (first come, first serve). If you have never given through Valley Gives before, this is a great opportunity and means that your $10 donation could turn into $60, or your $50 donation into $100. 

·         Thursday, May 5th. Bus Driver and Crossing Guard Appreciation Breakfast, at the start of the school day. This is the PGO’s annual event to say “Thank You!” to Crocker Farm’s bus and van drivers and crossing guards who help our children get to and from school and keep them safe every day. The PGO is seeking baked goods and other breakfast food for the event.  Please let us know if you can help.

·         Friday, May 6th, 8:50 am. Coffee with the Principal and Assistant Principal, in the school lobby. Topic: standardized testing. All parents and guardians are welcome; small children are too.
·         Wednesday, June 1st. PGO’s annual Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon to say “Thanks!” for all they do throughout the year. The PGO will be seeking volunteers to help serve.
·         June, date tbd. Crocker Farm Field Day. The PGO will once again be staffing a watermelon and water table for Field Day. We will be looking for people to help out on the day, and to supply watermelons for each class. Mr. James is also often looking for volunteers to help with Field Day events.  Stay tuned for more info and watch for signup sheets soon.

The PGO is seeking still volunteers to serve on the Crocker Farm PGO Board for next school year, including as chair/co-chair, class parent coordinator, and other board members. If you are interested in serving as a PGO officer or in finding out more, please contact the PGO. There are also always other volunteer opportunities to help with the PGO in smaller ways.  The PGO appreciates everyone’s help so much!

Best wishes to all,
Your Crocker Farm PGO
Tracy Zafian, Chairperson
on Facebook: Crocker-Farm-PGO