Friday, November 1, 2013

Class Parents 2013-2014 School Year

Class parents work with teachers to determine how best to help.  They might volunteer a few hours per year organizing a class party, helping the teacher with an ongoing project, and/or assisting the teacher in other ways.

These volunteers have kindly signed up as class parents for each of Crocker Farm's classes.  Thank you to all who volunteered!  Other parents may help the teacher as well; please contact your child's teacher to find out how best to do so. 
Judith Newcomb - Maria Heim
Kara McCloskey - Janine Sicks-Demers, Melissa Giraud, and Eva Fairchild
Greta Wilcox - Allegra Osborne

1st Grade:
Stephanie Joyce - Asha Kinney, Sheri Andon, and Erica Boerman
Sandra Bodkin - Hallie Hughes, Jessica Sidman, and Wendy Bergoffen

2nd Grade:
Carol Carson - Elaine Caraballo
Lauren Mattone - Tina Furcolo and Mary Klaes
Michael Silverstone - Maria Heim and Debbie Gilmore

3rd Grade:
Mary Donoghue - Allegra Osborne and Elaine Caraballo
Judah Hughes - Erica Boerman
Jasmine Robinson - Melissa Matos-Auerbach and Tracy Zafian

4th Grade:
Lisa Moriarty (Sansoucy) - Jessica Payne and Matt Cain
Susan Radtke - Katie Irizarry, Sheri Andon,
and Angela Mills

5th Grade:
Catherine Coley - Heather Lord and Anastasia Morton
Mary Donovan - Isolda Ortega-Bustamante, Alicia Lopez, and Yasmin Brandford
Alice Goodwin-Brown - Becky Demling

6th Grade:
Christopher Prather - Angela Mills                  
Denise Harvey - Mary Klaes