Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Suggestions for Parent-Teacher Conference Time with Teachers

Parent-Teacher Conferences Days will be this Thurs (11/7) and next Tues (11/12). Noon dismissal each day. 
Here is a list of suggested questions for the conferences. It was handed out at the October PGO coffee with the principal.

Suggestions for Parent-Teacher Conference Time with Teachers:
1. Is my child performing at proficient level (up to grade level standard) in basic skills? If not, is my child above or below?
2. What is your plan for helping my child catch up? How can I help?
3. If my child is above grade level standard, what are you doing to challenge him/her? What can I do?
4. What do my child's scores in mathematics and reading show? What are his/her strengths and weaknesses?
5. Can we go over some examples of my child's work? Will you explain your grading standards?
6. Does my child need extra help in any area? What do you recommend?
7. Is my child participating in any intervention support? In what area?
8. Does my child do all the assigned work, including homework?
9. Does my child seem to like school and get along with classmates? 

10.Have you noticed any changes in my child since the start of school?
11.How can we work together to help my child?