Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wildwood Building Study - It's not just about Wildwood

At the Crocker Farm coffee with the principal & assistant principal last Fri, a few parents mentioned that they have seen news stories about the Wildwood School building study, but since their children go to Crocker Farm, they haven't paid much attention.

The Wildwood study is looking at options that could affect ALL elementary children in Amherst, including current & future students attending Crocker Farm.  One option, for example, would have two Amherst-wide elementary schools, one for pre-K through 1st grade at the Crocker Farm school, and one for grades 2-6 at a new larger school (site not yet determined). Under this option, the current Fort River and Wildwood schools would no longer be used as elemenetary schools by the district. The project timeline indicates that any new/reconstructed school is proposed to open in Sept 2019, 4 years from now. 

There are upcoming public forums on the Wildwood building study & the options being explored. These forums are scheduled for Sept 29th at 3:30 & 7 pm at the ARMS auditorium. The district now has a Facebook page to share the latest information with families & community members.  Facebook page link here

Also, at the next Crocker Farm PGO coffee with the principal on Fri, Oct 9th at 8:45 am, Assistant Superintendent Mike Morris will be a special guest & will be speaking about the Wildwood building study.

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