Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Crocker Farm Bookfair Continues Online through Thurs, Nov 12th

MANY THANKS to everyone who joined us at Barnes & Noble on Saturday for the Crocker Farm bookfair. It was a great success. If you meant to stop by & didn't make, or did come & then thought of other books or purchases you forgot to make while there, the bookfair is continuing online through this Thurs, Nov 12th. Please enter our bookfair ID 11714474 when checking out, & Crocker Farm will earn 10%. Thanks again for your support! 

Also, special thanks to Miss Leticia, preschool teacher Amy C., & the volunteer mom & daughter who generously spent all day on Saturday at the PGO's table at Barnes & Noble encouraging people to participate in our bookfair & raise money for our school.    

Thank you too to Barnes & Noble for partnering with us on this fundraiser.   

Bookfair link & details here:…/bookfairs