Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last week of the ARPS Winter Coat Shares - at Wildwood through Wed

The Amherst school PGOs continue their winter Coat Shares this week at the Wildwood Elementary School. Through Wednesday during school hours.  If your family still needs coats or other warm items for the winter, feel free to stop by. 

Thanks again to the Fort River PGO, the ARHS & PGOs, & the ARPS Family Center for their work on last week's Coat Shares, & thank you to the Crocker Farm volunteers.  At Crocker Farm, this is one of the PGO's most important school community events.  We collected over 60 coats, 75 hats, 20 pairs of snowpants, plus boots, scarves, snowsuits, & more. Our leftovers went to Fort River for their Coat Share.