Sunday, November 22, 2015

Family Photo Project at Crocker Farm

Professional photographer Travis Weitzman, the son of Crocker Farm art teacher Diane Travis took pictures of many families at Curriculum Night for the Crocker Farm "Family Photo Project".   Diane Travis, Toby Bobbitt, Tara Luce, & Amy Baver assisted with the photo shoot.

The families who participated have now been sent a copy of their photos. A second copy will be put up on a bulletin board at Crocker Farm near the main office.   The photos are beautiful, and an impressive reminder of how special the Crocker Farm community is.

Any families who did not have the opportunity yet to participate in the Family Photo Project are welcome to send in their personal family photo to add to the bulletin board display.  Photos can be sent in to Toby Bobbitt's attention.

A BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Weitzman, Ms. Travis, & everyone else who has worked on the Family Photo Project.    The Crocker Farm PGO was proud to help fund the photo printing costs.