Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kestrel Trust Upcoming Events for Families: Frogs & Forests

Dive Into the Dynamic World of Vernal Pools
Glimpse the changing life phases of frogs & other creatures. 

Spring is here and the frogs and salamanders are on the move to the vernal pools. This year, we've got two chances for you to enter this fascinating world of metamorphosis. At the first outing in Northampton on April 9, you'll likely see fairy shrimp, frog eggs, and other creatures up close! Or, come with us to vernal pools in Hadley on April 23 to learn about the next phase of amphibian life when we may see tadpoles and other creatures that rely on these special places.  
Frog eggs
                                                          vernal pool

When:   Saturday, April 9 OR Saturday, April 23, 1 pm - 3 pm 
Where:  Northampton OR Hadley
Fee:    Free (donations accepted)
Please specify which date you want to attend. Meeting location details will be provided. Thank you!                                                           

Forestry Walk & Maple Sugar Morning
Learn how low-impact forestry benefits wildlife & people.   
View from Tob Hill
When:   Sunday, April 10, 10-11:30 am       
Where:  Westhampton    

Fee:      Free (donations accepted)
  Forests provide so many benefits, from clean air to wildlife habitat to the wood we use every day. Join licensed forester Tom Jenkins for a guided tour of working forest lands in different stages of growth in Westhampton. Learn how harvesting trees can be done in a sustainable, low-impact way.