Monday, March 28, 2016

Local Election on Tues, March 31st, Includes Race for School Committee Seats

The Amherst Town Election is tomorrow, Tues, March 29th.  Polling places will be open from 7 am to 8 pm.  

There are three candidates running for the Amherst School Committee seats being vacated by Rick Hood & Kathleen Traphagen.    

The candidates are:  (in alphabetical order)
Laura Kent, Vincent O'Connor, & Anastasia Ordonez

The candidates for School Committee, the Select Board, Charter Commission, among other offices have made recorded statements at Amherst Media.  The statements are available online. 

 Laura Kent
Vincent O'Connor
Anastasia Ordonez:

Last week's Amherst Bulletin has an article on the School Committee (SC) candidates
(link here), statements from the candidates running for town boards & Amherst Town Meeting, & variety of letters to the editor about the election.   It is a good source of info to find out more.

The bottom of the ballot includes a question on Amherst town government & whether a Charter Commission should be established to explore changes to the structure of town government.
The question:
"Shall a commission be elected to frame a charter for Amherst?"

If the majority of voters vote Yes on this question, than a Charter Commission to explore issue will be created, & will be comprised of the top vote getters of the Charter Commission candidates.

For info on where to vote or to look at sample ballots, please visit the Amherst Town Clerk's web page or contact the Town Clerk, 413-259-3035,

Your vote counts!