Wednesday, May 27, 2015

** All-school survey standings **

The Crocker Farm all-school survey is well underway. Don't miss your chance to have your voice heard. 

Have you taken 5 minutes to fill it out? If not, there are still a couple of days left to help your child’s grade win EXTRA RECESS WITH MR. SHEA AND MS. CONKLIN! Simply click here:

And then, hey, you can skip flossing tonight because you already did your good deed for the day.

Check out the standings as of today:

5th grade: 50%
3rd grade: 48%
4th grade: 42%
1st grade: 39%
2nd grade: 36%
6th grade:  35%
Kindergarten: 28%

Way to go 5th grade! But 3rd grade is hot on 5th grade’s heels. And who knows? Maybe kindergarten (or some other grade??) will have a surprise surge to come from behind and win it all.

(This is more exciting than the Kentucky Derby.)