Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Target "Thanks a Billion" Program -- Help Earn $ for Crocker Farm -- It's Easy!

UPDATE, MAY 20th:  This Target promotion has ended.  Target gave away $6 million in less than a week to education.  Thanks to everyone who participated & helped raise a little $ for Crocker Farm.

Target is giving away $5 million this spring to say THANK YOU to teachers for all they do! 

Through the "Thanks A Billion"  web site, when you write a message of thanks to a favorite Crocker Farm teacher, Target will donate $25 to our school (one donation total per Facebook ID; & only one donation per device/computer). Log-in & thank a teacher today!

1) Go to
2) When prompted, log into your Facebook account
3) Type in 01002 (zip code) and 5 miles (Distance) and pick Crocker Farm from the drop down menu
4) Write a quick message -- you can even just say "Thanks!" -- & click send. 

5) Target will donate $25 to our school. 

This promotion is part of Target's goal to give away a total of 1 billion dollars to schools by the end of 2015.   Thank you, Target!

Please share the details of this promotion with family & friends to help our school earn this easy money.  If 100 people participate, Crocker Farm will earn $2,500.  If 200 people, Crocker Farm will earn $5,000.

This promotion will end June 15th or as soon as $5 million has been given away (at the current participation, this is likely to happen next week).   So don't wait to log-in.    Thank you!

If you are interested, you can learn more about the Thanks a Billion Campaign here (link).