Thursday, October 29, 2015

Crocker Farm Gardens - Seeking Gardening Gloves for Kids & Adults

The new garden beds installed by the district are looking good, & classes have started planting fall crops (Spinach) & spring/summer ones (garlic).   The new garden shed from the district is a huge help.

MANY THANKS to the 2nd grade classes for weeding the older beds, & to volunteer extraordinaire Sylvia K. for the long hours she has spent on weeding & garden cleanup.

The 2nd grade teachers (Ms. Mattone, Ms. Carson, & Mr. Lefebvre) are jointly sharing the job of being Crocker Farm's garden coordinator.   If you are interested in helping with the garden, please let the PGO or one of the 2nd grade teachers know.

The 2nd teachers are currently seeking donations of gardening gloves (kid size & adult size), as they have none.  Used gloves are fine.  Thanks in advance!