Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meetings this Week on the Wildwood/Amherst School Building Study - School Committee Vote Planned for Nov 3rd

For people who are interested, there are a number of information sessions & discussions scheduled this week regarding the Amherst Elementary School Building Study (aka the Wildwood Building Study) & possible reconfiguration/consolidation of the 3 public Amherst elementary schools.  

The Amherst School Committee is expected to vote at its Nov 3rd meeting on which of the study's options to move forward with. The options are to (1) renovate Wildwood, (2) build a new school on the Wildwood site that this similar is size to the current building, and (3) to build a new townwide school for grades 2-6 (for 750+ students) on a site still tbd. Under this 3rd option, the current Wildwood & Fort River buildings would no longer be used as elementary schools, & Crocker Farm would become a townwide school for preschool, Kindergarten, & 1st grade. Whatever option is selected, it will impact the district's elementary schools for decades. 

There are a number of ways & opportunities to learn more about this project & to express your opinions if any about the project. The district is maintaining a web page (http://wildwood.projects.joslinlesser.com/) and a Facebook page on the project. These sites contain the latest information on the project.

The district recently updated its FAQ document for the project & added additional questions & answers.   It is available at this link/
There are a number of upcoming PGO & district events where the study and options will be discussed. 

**Tuesday, October 13th, 10 - 11 AM
Informational Session for Families with Preschool & Young Children

in the Wildwood Cafeteria
Young children welcome
Hosted by ARPS Administrators

**Tuesday, October 13th, 7 PM
Parent Led Discussion about Proposed Elementary School Plans

ARPS District representatives may be present
in the Wildwood Cafeteria
Moderated & hosted by the Wildwood, Crocker Farm & Fort River PGOs

**Thursday, October 15th, 7 PM
Wildwood School Building Update

with special guests Mr. Morris & Ms. Appy
in the Wildwood Cafeteria
Hosted by the Wildwood PGO

**Friday, October 16th, 9 AM
Fort River Coffee with the Principal

with special guests Mr. Morris & Ms. Appy
in the Fort River Cafeteria
Hosted by the Fort River PGO

**Monday, October 26th, 3:30 & 7 PM
Wildwood School Building Public Forum

two similar sessions (attend either)
in the ARHS Library
Hosted by the ARPS
The forum will be recorded & the recording will be available through Amherst Media later.

Joslin Lesser of Watertown, MA is the Project Management company coordinating this project. The Wildwood Joslin Lesser Community page is here: http://wildwood.projects.joslinlesser.com. To see other K-12 projects coordinated by Joslin Lesser visit here: http://www.joslinlesser.com/projects/k-12/

If you missed the public forums held on September 29th, the district and Amherst Media have made content available. The video from the public forums are here.  The slides shown during the forums are here.