Saturday, October 10, 2015

Still seeking Class Parents for Ms. Coley's & Mr. Hughes' classes

Just two classes remaining .....

The Crocker Farm PGO is still looking for class parents for:
* Ms. Coley/Ms. Dougherty (4th grade)
* Mr. Hughes/Mr. Borrell (5th grade)

Class parents work individually with their child's teacher to determine the best way for them to help the class.  If you are interested in being a class parent for one of these classes or for another class, please email Amanda, the PGO's Class Parent coordinator, at, or otherwise contact the PGO.   Thank you.  

The other 17 classes now have class parents.  We will be posting the class parent list soon. 

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to be a class parent or to volunteer with the PGO in other ways.  If you have been meaning to signup to volunteer & haven't yet, you can access our online volunteer signup form here.