Saturday, January 23, 2016

Annual Jump Rope for Heart event

Fun, healthy activity for kids
Fundraiser for the American Heart Association

All students will have the chance to participate, & they are welcome to collect donations if they would like. 

From Mr. James
Hello Parents/ Guardians,
    In the month of February, the students at Crocker Farm elementary school will have the opportunity to participate in our annual Jump Rope for Heart event. Students in grade K-6 will be able to come down to the gym three times before school starts between January 25th and March 4th.  Classroom teachers will have a schedule of when their students’ jump day is. We are proud to support the American Heart Association in the effort to spread the word about the importance of exercise and having a healthy heart.
    Students will have the opportunity to collect donations for this wonderful program if they choose. Eighty percent of these funds will go immediately to educating the public, promoting public programs, and helping those in need continue to live in a healthy way.  As we raise money together as a school, we also have the chance to earn new equipment for our physical education classroom.
    Students will receive a donation envelope which includes the procedure for gathering donations.  The envelope also includes prizes that our students who raise money can earn. The more money raised the more prizes they can earn. A list of possible prizes is also provided on the envelope. Students may return envelopes with donations to school if they choose.  In no way are students required to donate or ask for donations to participate in our Jump Rope Event.  However we recommend and encourage all students come to the gym and jump on their jump days, as well as color and fill out the hearts they will be given in P.E. to show their support for Jump Rope for Heart.  They may also register and collect donations online by doing the following:
  1. Type in the name of your school (Crocker Farm) and state (MA) and Join our team..
  2. Create your own webpage to set up the fastest way raise money

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me at 
Thank you,
Dustin James