Saturday, January 30, 2016

Supporting Struggling Readers - Upcoming Workshops

Workshop series offered for staff and families by the ARPS District and SEPAC.
for parents/guardians of students of preK through Grade 12

Workshop #1 Nuts and Bolts of Dyslexia
When:  February 1, 2016            Time:  5:30-7:00pm       Where:  Amherst Regional High School, Library
Speakers:  Betsy Dinger, Renee Greenfield, Emily Pritchard, Tammy Sullivan-Daley
The workshop is an opportunity to learn some basic facts about why so many students struggle with reading.  Come learn about steps you can take to support your child/student.

Workshop#2 Movie & Panel Discussion                                               
When:  February 8, 2016            Time:  5:30-7:30pm       Where:  Amherst Regional High School, Library               
Movie:  Dislecksia:  The Movie 
Is your child/student a struggling or reluctant reader? If so, please consider joining us for a unique opportunity to watch an award-winning film about dyslexia and participate in a panel discussion. Our panelists offer a wide range of perspective!  

Workshop#3 Book Club:  Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz
When:  February 29, 2016          Time:  5:30-7:00pm       Where:  Amherst Regional High School, Library
Book: This book is a must read for anyone with a child/student who struggles to read. It’s not a sign of intelligence or limitation of one’s potential.  Let’s discuss what we learned and steps we can take to help students with their learning differences. It’s never too late to make sure the proper supports are in place.  Please read the book ahead of time!

Please let us know if you can attend!  Email: or call 413-687-4255

Childcare provided with advanced notice. Please RSVP for childcare as soon as possible.
All workshops are free and open to the public!