Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stop & Shop, & Atkins Farms Two Other Great Easy, Passive Fundraisers

Stop and Shop A+ Rewards program 
Stop and Shop will donate a percent of grocery purchases made by families that register for this program. Crocker Farm's A+ Rewards program ID:  05194.  Sign up at your local Stop and Shop store or online here.  If you registered your Stop and Shop card for Crocker Farm last year, you do not need to signup again this year. This school year, the A+ program runs from October 7, 2016 to March 16, 2017.   

Atkins Farms Country Market Card.
When you show your Atkins Farms Shopper Card at the register there when checking out, Atkins donate a percentage of your purchase to Crocker Farm. This has earned the school $500 annually in past years.  You can request a free Atkins Farm Shopper Card from the PGO at or pick up the shopping card in the Crocker Farm office (they are kept in the PGO mailbox).  Crocker Farm uses ID #85 in the Atkins Shopper Card program. If you have an older Atkins Farm Shopper Card, please update it with this information.  You can also just tell the cashier Account #85 at the register.