Monday, June 22, 2015

Four Crocker Farm Students receive Human Rights Hero Awards

The Amherst Human Rights Commission recently presented Human Rights Hero Awards to Crocker Farm School students Khalila Lord-Arond, Yabanex Toro-Rodriguez, Kouta Ueki, and Lauren Joy.  These students were nominated by one of their teachers, who said they all show great empathy for others, especially for those who are often left out.  Their ability to work and play with anyone in their classes was specifically identified as an admirable character trait.   They often offer to be partners and help out students who have no other friends in the school. They embrace others regardless race, socio economic status, only regarding other's needs. 

As the Human Rights Commission seeks to find individuals who promote mutual respect amongst their peers and honor the diversity within our community, these 4 students stand out as remarkable and admirable example of how these qualities and actions can create real and lasting good in the lives of those around us.  The Commission knows that Khalila, Yabanex, Kouta and Lauren will continue to grow into the kind of people we need more of: individuals of integrity, courage, and compassion.We recognize their kind, gentle spirits and understanding of the true meaning of friendship.  

Congratulations to them & the other Human Rights Hero Award winners!  

Here is the full list of this year's winners:
ARHS: Liam Brodigan, Larenz Harris, Sajo Jefferson, and Shekenah Rock, Noreen Swan.
Crocker Farm School:  Khalila Lord- Arond, Yabanex Toro-Rodriguez, Lauren Joy, Kouta Ueki
Fort River School: Seo-Ho Lee, Celia Malone
Pelham Elementary School: 4th Grade