Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Reading Programs & The Importance of Summer Reading

The Crocker Farm Elementary School PGO is not doing a summer Read-a-Thon program this summer due to a lack of volunteers.   However, there are a number of other summer reading programs available to Crocker Farm students. 

A number of Local libraries are running summer reading programs:

In Amherst, the Jones Library, Munson Memorial Library, & the North Amherst Library are each having a summer reading program.    You can learn more about the programs here:

The Jones Library program starts June 27th, & participants are given the goal of reading and reporting on 5 books over the summer.   Book reports may be oral, written, or artwork.  Informal book chats will be held every Mon & Fri from 3-4 pm in the Kids Biography Room.  There are also a number of fun events associated with the reading program.  Visit the link above for details.    The Summer Reading Club Party will be held Tues, Aug 11st at 3 pm.  

The Jones Library also has a Young Adult Summer Reading Program for students in Grades 6 & up.   

The Munson Memorial Library summer reading program starts June 15th.  Participants receive a book log to record the books read over the summer.   Participants must read 10 books to receive a prize, and can earn a second prize by reading 20 or more books.  After 10 visits to the Munson Library over the summer, each club member will receive a coupon for a free ice cream cone.   The book logs should be returned by Sat, Aug 29th.  The Back-to-School Party will be held on Tues, Sept 1st, at 3 pm.  

The North Amherst Library summer reading program includes children ages 4 to 14.  Participants receive a book log to record the books read over the summer.   All reading club members and their families are invited to our Summer Reading Club celebration. The party will be on Saturday Aug 15th, 11 am, at Mill River Park.  Reading program members who read 10 books or more will receive a prize and a certificate to be awarded at the Reading Club Party.  Reading logs should be returned by August 10th.  

Other summer reading programs:
Barnes & Noble has a summer reading program where participants who read 8 books qualify for a FREE book. The details are here: 
The program's reading log can be downloaded at this link.  Completed logs are returned to a local B&N store, and participants can then select a free book on the Reading Journal list at the store.  

The Massachusetts Teachers Assocation & Red Sox summer reading program. 
** Participants pledge to read nine books over the summer, one for each position on the ballfield. 
** List the titles of the nine books on the entry form and mail it in by July 10, 2015. 
** MTA will choose 100 winners at random. Each winner will receive a pair of tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway in September.
** Five of the 100 winners will be chosen at random to become Grand Prize Winners. Grand Prize Winners will receive four tickets each and participate in an on-field pregame ceremony at the game in September.

The Importance of Summer Reading  -- Voices from Our Schools,Amherst Media
 Please enjoy the latest episode of Voices From Our Schools, featuring Crocker Farm Elementary Sixth grade students, Monica Cage and Brendon Stephen, as they discuss the importance of reading and summer book selections. They were wonderful guests who offered great insights and anecdotes.