Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PGO End-of-Year Gathering, School Tour, & Meeting, Wed, June 10th

At Wednesday's gathering, @ 6:15 in the Crocker Farm cafeteria, we will have coffee & desserts, followed by a school tour led by the Crocker Farm principal Derek Shea.

You can RSVP to attend here (Evite RSVP) or by emailing crockerfarmpgo@gmail.com.

At @ 7 pm, there will be PGO meeting to recap the year, & talk about next year, including the open positions for next year's Crocker Farm PGO Board.  Our PGO & PGO Board is only as strong as its volunteers.

If you are interested in serving on the PGO Board & can't attend Wednesday's meeting, please contact the PGO (crockerfarmpgo@gmail.com) or Tracy Zafian, the current PGO chairperson (tmz23@zafian.com).

Here are description of the roles of the PGO Board and Board members:
These descriptions & a summary list of the PGO's events each year can also be downloaded here (PGO_Summary). 

Crocker Farm PGO Board Positions  (Board members ideally serve 2-3+ years)
Crocker Farm PGO Board members together plan the calendar of PGO events and set the PGO’s priorities for funding each school year.  PGO Board members usually each individually oversee a few of the PGO’s events each year and volunteer for others. 

Chair/Co-Chair  (Co-Chairs are ideal!)
Oversee the year-round activities of the PGO.  Serve as the primary PGO contact with school and district administrators and staff, and other ARPS PGOs.    Distribute a volunteer sign-up form to families in the fall and working with communications and class parent coordinators, help find volunteers for PGO activities and events.   

Communications Coordinator(s)
Oversee the PGO Blog and Facebook page, and other outreach and communication with Crocker Farm families, such as our PGO letters to families, and mailings that go out in backpacks.  Help promote PGO events and fundraisers.   

Fundraising Coordinator(s)
Help select the PGO’s primary fundraisers each school year, and help promote them among Crocker Farm families.   Depending on interest and skills, may also help school teachers/staff prepare grant applications to help subsidize field trips or other enrichment activities.  

Class Parent Coordinator
Serves as the primary contact between class parents and the PGOs.   Keeps class parents informed about important PGO updates and info.   Helps coordinate a class parent get-together each fall for class parent Q&As.

Preschool Representative
A preschool parent who serves as the primary contact between the preschool teachers, staff, and families, and the PGO.  The Crocker Farm PGO includes the preschool as well and helps with fundraising for the preschool.   Helps decide how the PGO can best help the preschool and which preschool mini-grant requests to fund. 

Treasurer  (position filled for 2015-2016 school year)
Oversees the PGO’s bank account, including deposits and withdrawals.  Helps with school events and activities that involve money, such as by providing an event cash box and reimbursements for expenses, and collecting the money raised in fundraisers.  Oversees the mini-grant program, jointly making decisions on which mini-grant requests to fund with the rest of the PGO Board.  Keeps track of how the PGO’s money is being spent, and with the PGO Board helps develop an annual PGO budget.