Thursday, June 4, 2015

Two Different Online Surveys about our Schools

Because it seems like there might be some confusion, we just wanted to clarify that there are two different online surveys that Crocker Farm families have received links to recently. 

(1)  there is the Crocker Farm School Family Survey which asks about families' experiences & perceptions of Crocker Farm.  The link to this survey was sent out to Crocker Farm families a few weeks ago, & this is the survey that there is the contest for which the grade that receives the highest percentage of responses will win extra recess with Mr. Shea & Ms. Conklin.  Parents & guardians can participate in this survey through this Friday, June 5th, & responses to this survey are anonymous (except for giving your child's grade). Here is the survey link:

(2) there is a new survey the link for which was sent out a few days by the ARPS Central office as part of the annual evaluation of the Superintendent.  This survey asks for feedback from district families & the broader community about their opinions & perceptions regarding the Superintendent, the School Committee, & the schools.  The online link to this survey will be available until Sunday, June 14th.  People who complete this survey are asked to give their names before their responses are submitted.  Here is the link to that survey:

Both of the surveys are short & take less than 5 minutes, & both are designed to learn more about people's perceptions of the Amherst & Amherst Regional Public Schools, & to inform administrators moving forward to next school year & beyond.