Tuesday, June 2, 2015

** There's still time! **

You know that Crocker Farm all-school survey you've been meaning to fill out but haven't yet had time to? Yeah, we're parents, too. Life gets busy. We're not judgers.

Guess what? Because Crocker Farm loves you, the survey has been extended til Friday! (Cue wild applause and confetti.) So take a seat, click here, and complete that baby in a couple of minutes.

And then? Well, then you'll be done! (High fives all around.)

Oh! For all you numbers geeks, here are the latest completed survey standings.

5th grade: 73%
2nd grade: 61%
3rd grade: 59%
4th grade: 52%
1st grade: 49%
6th grade: 45%
Kindergarten: 38%

Is the 5th grade going to run away with it? Are they unstoppable? Only time will tell...